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Mirage features next-gen graphics (now) and next-gen physics (soon).

Free VR/PC demo can be downloaded at https://morganavr.com

Videos of Mirage are there too.


For $5 you'll get access to Silver Patreon tier VR and PC builds of the game ( https://patreon.com/morganavr )


I envision Mirage as an interactive sex simulator with real-world physics, cutting-edge graphics (photo realistic characters and environments) and built-in tools for creating and sharing content.

Mirage 0.3 is a complete project rewrite that uses latest Unity technologies  (HDRP pipeline, Post-processing effects), Genesis 3 characters, natural posing system, deep character customization, PC/VR support and more.

Quality of Mirage
All screenshots are not pictures but real-time rendered 3D girls inside Mirage - you can view them from any angle, grab their hands, legs, change their appearance, dynamically modify animations.

Mirage supports all VR headsets through SteamVR integration (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, etc).

- Realistic soft-body and soft-skin physics
- Real-time simulated hair, clothes, liquids
- In-game content-sharing
- Multi-tracks animation system
- Genesis 8 characters
- Online multiplayer
- Scripts support (write your own C# code)
- Possession mode (control virtual characters by stepping inside their bodies)
- Ray-tracing

You can speed up development of Mirage. Become a patron or spread a word about it. Then I will be able to work on Mirage full-time and hire more developers, AI experts and animators. With your help I will make Mirage one of the best VR / PC porn games.

Sincerely yours, MorganaVR


Website: https://morganavr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/morgana_vr
Discord: https://discord.gg/fP4wZec

In-depth info about Mirage: https://www.notion.so/mirage7/Mirage-af03333bb3a14c97b56587f9c59fc917


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Silver_Mirage_HDRP_PC_girl_1_il2cpp_release.7z 922 MB
Silver_Mirage_HDRP_PC_girl_2_il2cpp_release.7z 601 MB
Silver_Mirage_HDRP_VR_girl_1_il2cpp_release.7z 935 MB
Silver_Mirage_HDRP_VR_girl_2_il2cpp_release.7z 601 MB

Download demo

Mirage Free Demo PC 749 MB
Mirage Free Demo VR 739 MB

Development log


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Softbody stuff on steam looks really promising. I wonder if you can create a weight blending setup so that you get the volume and structure from bones, but allow all the jiggly bits where appropriate. Creating that surface tension would go a long way in keeping the weight, volume and believability. Painting influence in spots where the skeletal structure is closest to the surface. Not sure how you'd solve the exploding mesh/volume tension issues so it stays consistent. Very very nice work so far.

Hi Jet, thanks for your interest in Mirage and the suggestions about physics implementation. I can create the setup you mentioned. First I will release cloth physics though.

what different in the demo?

demo is very limited. The only purpose of it - make sure that game runs on your PC.


whats the difference between these versions and steam version?

Steam has a full version of the game. Here you download "Silver" patreon version of Mirage.

Hi, will I get future update if I only pay once here at itchio?


hi, yes

It says that it is quest compatible so i bought it, but I can't really find an .apk version or anything. Am i missing something here?

Where does it say it?

(1 edit)

My bad, i should've read the whole page before I bought it. It's not on your page, but itch seems to think this is quest compatible. If you check the oculus quest as an input method Mirage shows up on the list.

Mirage supports Oculus Quest via Link cable (you need PC).

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying, i'll give that a shot.

Yeah... Pretty amazing but unfortunately in this Silver version we're not able to do anything. :/


In Silver version there are 2 girls. One girl you can undress and pose and other girl you can only pose. When I update Silver version on itch.io you will receive new functionality and content for free. Also there is a Gold version of Mirage on my Patreon and on Steam.